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This Week At Key:

Now that the foundation has been laid, the Key App updates are getting more and more specialized--more uniquely Key. It's these features that really drive connection between organizations and their supporters. This week's posting is dedicated to those very sort of updates and then some!

1. Big Issues

Organizations can now share the big issues they face on their profiles. The ‘Big Issues’ section will give supporters a quick summary as well as links that provide an in-depth breakdown of the issues. This will allow the supporters to see how the big issues affects the organization directly, how the organization is addressing it, and what supporters can do to help. Big issues can then be attached to an organizations campaign to deepen understanding for the work they are doing.

2. Team Feature

Organizations can now add their team members to their profile with our new team member feature! Once a team member is selected, organizations can then add their position title and choose their app access level. Each team member will get a notification inviting them to join the team. Team members will then be added to the ‘Our Team’ section in the organization’s profile.

3. New Team Member

We are excited to introduce you to our team member, Michaela Contois. Michaela brings her passion for conservation and incredible skills in social media marketing to the team. Read more to learn about what initially drew her to the Key platform and what feature she is most excited about using here.


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