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Currently, the Key Conservation platform is designed to connect conservation organizations with global supporters but we have received feedback from researchers within academic institutions, field stations, and more who would also like to tap into the same support and resources. For example, some have expressed interest in using Key to share their research with a global audience, find local field assistants, connect with other researchers working in the same field, share and learn local knowledge, tap into funding opportunities, see who is working in their study area, collaborate with skilled professionals, mentor fellow scientists, find new ways to collaborate, and more.


With extensive feedback, we have been able to design the researcher side of the platform and we now have its development as part of our long-term development goals. To make sure we are building something that of use and wanted we would like to hear from you. If you're a researcher that would like to put in your input and help us brainstorm features and/or tools you'd like to see within the app, possibly in the future, then please sign-up below!


As we brainstorm we will be in contact to include you in the process and alert you to any movement on potential development. 


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