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The Key Conservation app was designed by a wildlife biologist to help fellow conservationists and their supporters connect on a deeper level for greater impact and change. The design works to simplify the outreach process for those busy in the field by providing streamlined steps to connect to global supporters in real-time for urgent and long-term needs.  


We are working hard to build something that is useful so we want to hear from you! If there is a feature your organization would like or if you have a suggestion for improvement within the app, we want to hear about it!


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Tackle projects that need specialized skills by connecting with professionals who want to help make a difference.

Dollar Bill in Jar


Gain global support for unplanned expenses and for your longterm goals to help you achieve your overall mission.

Tree Planting


Gain support from your local community and visitors in real-time while also keeping them up to date with events and ways to get involved.


  • A real-time safety net for unbudgeted and unplanned events 

  • New avenues to reach your target audience and discover new supporters

  • The ability to tap into the wealth of skills from supporters for big and small projects

  • A quick and easy way to spread the word about urgent events that need global attention

  • The ability to reach people within your local community to receive real-time in-person support 

  • Increase in visibility, funding, and support by being on the app and being featured through various Key Conservation outreach initiatives

  • Assigned project manager to assist with onboarding to the app, team training, and continued support


Welcome to Key Conservation. We are so grateful for your interest in joining us in our mission to change the way conservation work around the world is supported. Because we are offering organizations a way to receive funding and connect with people around the world, we must ensure that the organizations we work with are legitimate and working towards a direct conservation goal. Trust is our most valuable currency with our supporters, which is why we take our approval process so seriously. Before your organization applies, please review our guidelines for organization approval. Thank you for your help and patience in our approval process. Please feel free to email us at with questions or clarifications about our guidelines. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you become a part of the Key Conservation community!


(All organizations must meet ALL of these requirements to apply):

  1. Official nonprofit status for over 1 year from the governing country

  2. The main objective of an organization must be conservation-focused

  3. Science-based conservation and/or education work

  4. Active conservation projects that they you can share in-depth information and research on

  5. Organizations must take into account local/indigenous stakeholders in the area their work is focused

We are unable to offer approval under any circumstances to
(All organizations must meet ALL of these requirements to apply):

  1. Organizations that engage in any illegal activity including breaking international and local laws

  2. Organizations that do not account for local stakeholders in decision making and research

  3. Politically based organizations

  4. Government-run organizations


These are factors your organization may have in addition to the baseline qualification that often leads to immediate approval (your organization does not need all):

  1. IUCN SSC affiliation

  2. University affiliation

  3. Your organization is an accredited zoo or you work directly with one

  4. Protected Area affiliation (ex. state park, marine reserve)

  5. Respected partnerships in conservation, broader scientific field, or larger organizations (ex. the United Nations)

  6. Published journal papers from your organization or team members within your organization

  7. Active social media and web presence

  8. Community/Indigenous involvement

How to support your application if your organization does not have any of the Tier 1 Qualifications: 

(You can still apply you will likely receive follow up email to ask for more information or you are welcome to email us with supporting information when you apply):

  1. Reference from a respected figure in the conservation space

  2. Showcase the research and projects you are participating in, show data or other proof

  3. If we cannot find enough information to come to a decision on our own, we will also consult our advisory board which could take up to 1 month

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