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The Key Conservation platform was designed by a wildlife biologist to help conservationists and their supporters connect on a deeper level for greater impact and change. We wanted to bring supporters onto the front lines of conservation in real-time so they could not only see the daily challenges conservationists face but have actionable steps to help make a difference.


Key will provide new ways for global supporters to utilize their own specialized skills and local knowledge while also being able to see exactly how their own individual contribution made an impact.


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Skilled Impact

Use your professional skills to help conservationists with their big and small goals that need your specialized expertise. 

Dollar Bill in Jar


Help conservation organizations fill gaps in funding when unplanned events occur and with long-term campaigns. Transparency between the request for support and your contribution allows you to see exactly where your funds are put to use and how you made an impact.

Tree Planting


Receive geo-based push notifications about real-time volunteer opportunities within your local community or wherever you travel so you never miss out on an opportunity to help.  

Potential Benefits for Global Supporters

  • Be a real-time safety net for conservation organizations when unbudgeted and unplanned events occur

  • Receive feedback on the impact of your individual contribution directly from the conservation organization

  • The Live Feed provides a continuous update of real-time issues so you will never miss a chance to help conservationists around the world 

  • Use the map feature to discover conservation organizations working in your local community and ways to get involved with events, groups and in-person volunteer opportunities

  • Discover and help conservation organizations around the world as you travel with our geo-based alerts

  • Create your own curated Live Feed with issues, locations, and species important to you

  • Apply the knowledge you've learned within your own profession to problems that need solutions within the conservation field

  • Be the first to know about critical issues occurring around the world and within your local community through personalized push notifications

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