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This Week At Key:

This is our second installment of our new 'This Week At Key' blog and I'm happy to report that we haven't slowed down! Check out what we did behind the scenes this week at Key below.

1. Partnerships

Organizations can now connect with their partners on the Key platform. Partnerships will be displayed on the organization's profile where supporters can select and learn more about their work.

2. ESRI UC Conference

The SoCal portion of the Key Team attended the ESRI UC Conference last week! We had the opportunity to learn more about the tools organizations can use for conservation, as well as the different features orgs are using to empower individuals to make a difference. We will be working to add these features into our development over the next few weeks.

3. New Team Member

We are excited to officially welcome our new developer Ayla Basha to the team! Ayla is a Full Stack Software Developer helping us to get the Key platform launch ready! To read about Ayla's favorite Key Feature and learn about her favorite species, check out our social post here.

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