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Meet the Artists:

Carly Ealey & Christopher Konecki

I was born in Palm Springs, CA & grew up in the desert. I’ve been in San Diego for so long that I feel like this is my home now. Outside of the art world, I love everything nature & space related. I’ve always been a nerd for animals & plants & draw a great deal of inspiration from the natural world. My other passions are photography & digital design which allow me to explore the things I love in another meaningful way.

San Diego is my hometown, which is why painting another massive wall with Carly in the heart of the city is such an accomplishment. I grew up here in an architectural era where everything was a shade of beige or grey. I’ve always dreamed of seeing more color & creativity in my community. Outside of art I love the ocean, gardening, & spending time with our two puppies.

CARLY: To expand on drawing inspiration from the natural world, I would say that I also feel inspired to convey the idea of nature connectedness. I have always felt very in tune with the Earth and Moon on an emotional and physical level. For me, this also has a direct correlation to spirituality and being sensitive to energy which comes through in a lot of my artwork.

CHRIS: My artwork is generally an irreverent look at human nature in relationship with the environment. I like to show the hubris of mankind’s attempt to control the natural world and the unintended consequences over time. This is why the viewer may recognize constant themes such as, reused or reimagine found objects, gritty patina and layers of graffiti and Google signage and letter forms.

CHRIS: We actually met at an art show and our relationship has often been framed by and indistinguishable from our artistic pursuits. We have been creating large scale murals together since 2015 and Empowering Hope will be our largest collaboration to date.

CARLY: I think it will be absolutely amazing to see exactly where your donation goes with the app. I get excited at the thought of other people getting excited to participate in conservation efforts and essentially work right alongside scientists who are out in the field. The Key app has the potential to bridge that gap or disconnect one might feel when donating to an organization. It really opens it up to anyone and everyone which is how it needs to be to make a difference in the world.

CHRIS: What excites me the most about the Key app is the connectivity it will allow and the ability to fulfill specific needs directly relating to the environment. I’m happy to donate my creative services and will be most helpful in a large outdoor public art space bringing attention to a cause.

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