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Meet our Keystone Ambassador:

Nicole Row

Nicole Row, former bassist for Panic! At the Disco - current bassist for Incubus, is a renowned electric, upright and synthesizer bass player and vocalist. Alongside her music career, Nicole is also a passionate advocate for world and animal rights and conservation.

Since day one. Mom says: “I sang before I spoke"

Not really, I've always felt really attached to and grateful for nature. As I slowly took

on extra responsibilities to curb pollution, I realized how right it felt, and from there

it became a huge part of my day-to-day routine.

I would get on AllTrails and look for local hikes, sightseeing.

Music itself can provide the message to people through lyrics. From a more direct

approach though I do know there are startups who are providing solar power for live

performances! Also making the effort to use less plastic, and make sure any used is

recycled. Tours and festivals use LOADS of plastic.

I hope that encouraging people to try it will introduce more young people to start being

more interactive in the movement. It's difficult to really get on board when it's just

something you hear about on the news, but never see it for yourself. I am really excited to

use it myself!

I'm really hoping to use the in-person feature! I've found it difficult to find hands-on ways

to get involved and donate my time.


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