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The core features of the app are explained in detail on the HOME page. Below is an overview of some of the features we will be adding to the app once the core functionality is complete.

A rough outline of the development of the app follows below. All of this largely depends on funding and in-field testing.

Fishing Boots



Here supporters can discreetly report illegal wildlife trade activity, injured wildlife, poaching incidents, and wildlife sightings all in one place. Built-in geo-tagging abilities and photo sharing help conservation organizations be able to locate the exact position of the report and continue on with the information from there.




Supporters can create groups to be a local back-up and support system for conservation organizations in their area. Here they can coordinate efforts that directly benefit these organizations such as events to restore ecosystems or do educational outreach. Skilled Impact groups will connect professionals with other individuals that have the same skillset to collaborate and learn from one another. Conservation organizations can use private groups to collaborate and connect seamlessly.

Key Wall


Supporters can earn Keys when they help an organization. They can then use those Keys to unlock new levels and exclusive prizes. By gamifiying the Key App we can encourage supporters to help organizations they never would have helped before and highlight issues that are of critical need.

Bicycle in Asia


Ideas can come from anywhere. That's why we want to create a way for anyone around the world to submit their idea, no matter how random, to tackle the BIG and small problems conservation organizations face. If your idea is viable, we will help gather the expertise to develop it and raise the funds to build it.

Underwater Scuba Diving


Researchers, academic institutions, field stations, and more are critical to conservation. We have had interest from these groups to use the app to share their work, connect with other researchers around the world, mentor fellow scientists, gain support, and find new ways to collaborate. This is why we have researched and designed a side of the Key App that will focus solely on supporting the efforts of researchers and filling gaps of support for their critical work.

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