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Southeast Asia is extremely rich in biodiversity, with high levels of species richness and endemism. However, this region has among the world's fastest recent rates of habitat loss and has seen an explosion in the demand for wildlife and their products. These are major drivers of species population declines and extirpations in the region and as a result, an unparalleled high number of Southeast Asian species face a serious risk of extinction.

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Averting species extinctions is now widely recognized as an important component to maintaining effective ecosystem function and human well-being. The need for focused and determined action to avoid species extinctions in Southeast Asia has never been more urgent than it is now. Attention given to the conservation needs of threatened species in this region is currently far from sufficient, but there are many opportunities for overcoming the barriers and challenges for effective recovery and conservation. The Asian Species Action Partnership (ASAP) was formed in recognition of the need to mobilize resources to minimize the number of species extinctions in the region.

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ASAP focuses attention on a critical region that, without urgent conservation intervention, will lose much of its unique and rich biodiversity, championing conservation action for Southeast Asia’s most threatened species. ASAP is a coalition of organizations committed to averting extinctions of Critically Endangered land and freshwater vertebrates in Southeast Asia. Convened by IUCN SSC, ASAP mobilizes resources, builds capacity, provides bespoke support and steers attention towards neglected species. As a growing network, ASAP builds connections and increases the visibility of efforts targeting ASAP species recovery, providing a platform for collective impact and collaboration to conserve species on the brink of extinction.

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