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Meet our Keystone Ambassador:

Kate Lenzer

Kate Lenzer is a geospatial scientist, cartographer, conservationist, and preservationist. She is bringing all things GIS to the Key App and conservation world- check it out!

I’m the Senior GIS Project Manager at the National Trust for Historic Preservation. I work in the Research and Development department to deliver innovative GIS solutions throughout the organization.

GISCorps matches qualified volunteers with organizations worldwide to provide short-term GIS services where they are needed most. Volunteers help respond to natural and man-made disasters, assist in community building, and support sustainability for underserved and underdeveloped communities. I signed up as a volunteer in 2018 and participated in my first project in 2020 to help map COVID-19 testing sites at the beginning of the pandemic. Working with Key Conservation is my second volunteer mission.

I got involved because I see the Key Conservation Platform as a much needed inventive and positive solution in conservation. Plus, I appreciate a new challenge that helps me become a better GIS professional!

I am working with the Key Conservation team to bring more GIS data and Esri solutions into the platform. I hope my work on this will enable users to better visualize and interact with organizations and volunteer opportunities. I’m also working behind the scenes to ensure the GIS data hosted on the ArcGIS Online platform is well documented and running smoothly.

That’s an easy answer - GIS! GIS has endless applications in conservation like field data collection, web maps, analyzing species distribution and habitat, the list goes on…

One of the most exciting things for me is discovering conservation organizations that I’ve never heard of, learning about the work they are doing and then actually getting involved.

Sea otters! They help maintain nearshore ecosystems which are critical to numerous other species but are often threatened by human pressures. Plus sea otters have pockets where they stash snacks - what’s better than that!?


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