We are Conservation Optimists

Key HQ has been bumping these past few months! We have recently returned from the University of Oxford (shown above) where we chaired a panel at the Conservation Optimism Summit, we have been forming new partnerships with conservation organizations from around the world (more info to come next newsletter), we are bringing on 3 new members to our growing team, our pilot projects and beta testers completed their first stage of testing AND now we have completed our first phase of development with our Lambda School development team and are currently a few weeks into our second phase with our new development team. Phew! Are you ready to dive into our latest updates?

A Team Creating Change and Phase 1 Updates!

We really got lucky and had an incredible team of developers working on the app who made up our first cohort from Lambda School. Each group is only with us for 8 weeks but during that time they have set goals that they work to hit. We met with the team every single day so we were able to be a part of the process but also form lasting friendships with the team.

Check out a screen recording we made of the app progress so far! ***Keep in mind that this is the very first version of the app and this is not what the final product will look like***

Phase 1 features that have been completed by our team:

  • Button that brings organizations user to a login/register page for conservationists.

  • Guests can click button on login/register page to view feed and organization profiles.

  • Profile creation for Conservation Organizations

  • Organization name

  • Organization profile pic

  • Location

  • "About Us" text

  • Link (to preferred website)

  • Links to any campaigns created by this organization

  • "Delete" pop up menu to delete campaigns

  • Organizations can make updates on campaign posts to show how contributions have been used and where they are with their mission.

  • Profile creation for Global Supporters

  • Organizations can create "campaign" posts

  • ​Donate button under each campaign post links to enable donations (this will be developed further to allow seamless in-app donations)

  • LIVE Feed create

  • "Feed" that shows campaigns organized by latest (campaigns defined below)

  • Clicking the 'Home" button from another screen will take you to last place on feed. Clicking button again will scroll to top of feed.

  • Feed auto-refreshes every 10 seconds.

  • Global supporters can log in using email through Auth0

As you can see the team got a lot accomplished in their 8 weeks and the app is really starting to take shape. The organization and user profiles will begin to take more shape and all of the features will continue to be built upon until they are exactly how we envisioned them. We look forward to working just as close with our new team who is already hard at work on Phase 2 of development and sharing the development updates in the coming weeks!

Conservation Optimism Summit

Our team has recently returned from an inspiring time at the Conservation Optimism Summit at the University of Oxford where we were able to hear from people from all types of organizations and places around the world who are spreading hope in conservation. Our director Megan Cromp lead a panel alongside Alex Dehgan of Conservation X Labs (and Key Conservation board member), Alasdair Davies from Arribada Initiative and Sarah Sharif from Experimental Civics and Capsule on how conservation technology is inspiring optimism in conservation.

We spoke about the exciting conservation technology currently being used in conservation, emerging new tech, ways to get more involved in conservation tech initiatives, avenues to explore to get support for an idea you want to develop and of course why our panelists felt optimistic about the future of conservation technology.

There were many great moments from the Conservation Optimism Summit but our favorite was when the audience was asked "What are you going to take away from this summit, and act upon?" and someone answered "there are amazing tech solutions out there if you know how to find them - and now I do". One of our goals at Key Conservation is to help conservationists find the resources, skills and funding to be able to tackle their critical work so to see that we may have helped someone out there find places for these resources is very inspiring for us!

Want to get involved in conservation technology? Check out these websites:

Conservation X Labs: https://conservationx.com

Arribada Initiative: http://blog.arribada.org

Capsule: https://experimentalcivics.io/capsule

Wildlabs: https://www.wildlabs.net

Key Conservation: https://www.keyconservation.org/get-involved

Key Conservation Board Member Alex Dehgan inspires

Conservation X Labs CEO Alex Dehgan kicked off Day 2 of the Conservation Optimism Summit with a bang. He gave a 1 hour long talk that had people buzzing with optimism after. Watch his talk below and let us know what inspires you the most!

Technology + Conservation =

We are delighted that Key Conservation will be featured in the latest issue of We Are Europe (our first magazine feature!) where Julia Migne asks the question "What happens when conservation and technology are combined?" The feature dives into some of the exciting conservation technology that is currently being used and developed.

Read more here: https://magazine.areweeurope.com/stories/code-of-conscience/tech-saving-planet

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